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Week 13 11/13-17/17

Bellwork #12 11/13-17/17


Week 12 11/6-10/17

Bellwork #11 11/6-10/17

8.6C Note Slides

8.6C Vocabulary Check Station

8.6C Notes Check Station


Week 11 10/30-11/3/17

Bellwork # 10 10/30-11/3/17



Week 10 10/23-27/17

Bellwork #9 10/23-27/17


Week 9 10/16-20/17

Bellwork #8 10/16-20/17

Children’s Book - Performance Assessment 3

8.6AB Unit 4 Notes and Set UP


Week 8 10/9-13/17

Bellwork 10/9-13/17


Week 7 10/2-6/17

Bellwork 10/2-6/17

8.5 DEF Notes 



Week 6 9/25-29/17

Bellwork 9/25-29/17


Week 5 9/18-22/17

Bellwork 9/18-22/17

8.5AB Reteach/Reassessment

8.5BC Notes


Week 4 9/11-15/17

Bellwork 9/11-15/17

8.5AB Notes Presentation


Week 3 9/5-8/17

Bellwork 9/5-8/17


Week 2 8/21-25/17

Bellwork 8/21-25/17


Week 1 8/14-18/17 (SCHOOL STARTS THURSDAY)




Week 37 STAAR Week! 5/8-12/17


Week 36 Category 1 STAAR REVIEW 5/1-5/17

Bellwork 5/1-5/17


Week 35 Category 2 STAAR REVIEW 4/24-28/17

Bellwork 4/24-28/17


Week 34 Category 3 STAAR REVIEW 4/17-21/17

Bellwork 4/17-21/17



Week 33 Category 4 STAAR REVIEW 4/10-14/17

Bellwork 4/10-14/17


Week 32 Category 4 CBA and Kessler Brain Dump 4/3-7/17

Bellwork 4/3-7/17


VIDEO 1 Watch this video first.

VIDEO 2 Watch this video second.




Week 31 Human Impact on the Environment 3/27-31/17

Bellwork 3/27-31/17

8.11CD Notes Slides


Week 30 Organisms and Environements 3/20-24/17

Bellwork 3/20-24/17

8.11AB Reteach

8.11CD Notes Slides


****Morris – Woods Proposal Project****

Morris – Woods Proposal 2nd Period

Morris – Woods Proposal 3rd Period

Morris – Woods Proposal 5th Period

Morris – Woods Proposal 6th  Period

Morris – Woods Proposal 7th Period

Morris – Woods Proposal 8th Period





Week 28  Organisms and environments 3/6-3/10

Finding Nemo Activity


Week 27 EMS and Light Years Continued 2/27-3/3/17

Bellwork 2/27-3/3/17


***EMS Project Links*** You can only use these approved links

Website: http://www.darvill.clara.net/emag/index.htm

Website: http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/toolbox/emspectrum1.html

EMS Diagram

EMS Video


Week 26 EMS and Light Years 2/20-24/17

Bellwork 2/20-24/17

EMS and Light Years Notes

***EMS Project Links***

Website: http://www.darvill.clara.net/emag/index.htm

Website: http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/toolbox/emspectrum1.html

EMS Diagram


Week 25 Stars and Our Sun 2/13-17/17

Bellwork 2/13-17/17

HR Diagram, Life Cycle of Stars and Our Sun 8.8AB Notes

QUIZLET flashcards


Week 24 Tides 2/6-10/17

Tides 8.7C Notes


Week 23 Lunar Cycle 1/30-2/3/17

Bellwork 1/30-2/3/17

Lunar Cycle 8.7 B Slides  – Notes

Lunar Cylce Stations

Lunar Cycle Quizlet – Flash Cards



Week 22 Rotation, Revolution, and Season 1/23-27/17

Bellwork 1/23-27/17

Rotation Revolution Slides

Rotation Revolution Stations 8.7A

Lunar Cycle Slides


Week 21 CBA 3A 1/16-20/17

Bellwork 1/16-20/17

Week 19 – 20 1/2-13/17

Week 17-18 12/19-30/16

Week 14 -16 11/28-12/16/16

Week 13 11/21-28/16 Thanksgiving Break

Week 10 -12 10/31-11/18/16 

Week 9 Unbalanced Forces 10/24-28/16

Bellwork 10/24-28/16

8.6A Vocabulary VIDEO

8.6A Notes VIDEO

8.6A Balanced or Unbalanced Forces Cardsort VIDEO

8.6A Calculating Force VIDEO



Week 8 CBA and Make-Up work 10/17-21/16

8.5 A Reteach/Reassessment VIDEO

8.5BC Reteach/ Reassessment VIDEO

Periodic Table – Reactivity Review Outline 8.5BC VIDEO

8.5 E Reteach/ Reassessment VIDEO

Chemical Reactions Review Outline 8.5E VIDEO 

8.5DF Reteach VIDEO

Chemical Formulas and Equations Review Outline 8.5DF VIDEO


Bellwork 10/17-21/16

Bellwork  10/10-14/16

Bellwork 10/3-7/16

Bellwork 9/26-30/16


Week 7 Chemical Formulas and Balanced Equations 10/10-14/16

Bellwork 10/10-14/16

8.5DF Chemical Formulas and Balanced Equations Vocabulary Video

Chemical Equation Basics VIDEO

Parts of a Chemical Formula VIDEO

Atoms, Elements and Molecules VIDEO

Balanced or Nah?? VIDEO

Chemical Formulas and Equations Review Outline 8.5DF VIDEO

                                                Precipitate Lab Demo:



Week 6 Chemical Reactions 10/3-7/16

Bellwork 10/3-7/16

8.5 E Chemical Reaction Vocabulary VIDEO

Parts of a Chemical Reaction Notes VIDEO

Evidence of a Chemical Reaction Notes VIDEO

Chemistry in a Bag PRE-LAB Questions VIDEO

Chemistry in a Bag LAB  Demo VIDEO

Chemistry in a Bag POST LAB Questions VIDEO

8.5E Chemical Reactions Review Outline Homework VIDEO

8.5 E Reteach VIDEO


Week 5 Periodic Table and Reactivity 9/26-30/16

Bellwork 9/26-30/16

Reactivity Bellwork 9-26 and 9-27 VIDEO

Reactivity Partner Directions

Reactivity VIDEO

Periodic Table – Reactivity Review Outline 8.5 BC answers VIDEO

8.5 BC Reteach VIDEO



Week 4 Periodic Table and Reactivity 9/19-23/16

Bellwork 9/19-23/16

Reteach, Review, Reassess VIDEO

8.5BC Periodic Table / Reactivity Vocabulary VIDEO

Periodic Table and Reactivity Notes VIDEO

Meet the Elements VIDEO

Atom’s Family Practice VIDEO

Element Inventory Chart VIDEO

Bohr Model Practive VIDEO


Week 3 Subatomic Particles 9/12-16/16

Bellwork 9/12-16/16

8.5A Atom Vocabulary VIDEO

Atomic Structure VIDEO


Bohr Model Practive VIDEO


Week 2 9/5-9/9/16

Bellwork 9/5-9/9/16


Week 1 8/29-9/2/16

Bellwork 8/30-9/2/16






Bellwork 5/2-6/16

Category 4 Vocabulary List


STAAR REVIEW WEEK 3 4/25-29/16

Bellwork 4/25-29/16

Category 3 Vocabulary List


STAAR REVIEW WEEK 2 4/18-22/19

Bellwork 4/18-22/16

Category 2 Vocabulary List


STAAR REVIEW WEEK 1 4/11-15/16

Bellwork 4/11-15/16

Category 1 Vocabulary List



Bellwork 4/7-8/16


Effects on Population and Human Dependence 3/28-4/1/16

Bellwork 3/28-4/1/16

Homework: No Homework this week!



Effects on Population and Human Dependence 3/21-25/16

Bellwork 3/21-25/16


Station 1:

Runoff Video A: http://zapt.io/td3mjyph3


Station 2:

Runoff Video B: Click here


Station 3:

Artificial Reefs Video A: http://zapt.io/tr4k9vpr


Station 4:

Artificial Reef Video B: Click here


Station 5:

Artificial Reef Video C: click here


Station 6:

Overfishing Video A: http://zapt.io/ttx9ye8m


Station 7:

Overfishing Video B: click here


Station 8:

Invasive Species Video A: https://www.zaption.com/lessons/56f0677f777aca2309a6cc7c


Station 9:

Invasive Species Video B: Click here


Homework: 8.11C Pre-Assessment Environmental Changes


Relationships and Competition In the Ecosystem 3/7-11/16

Bellwork 3/7-11/16

Homework: None


Galaxy and Stars 2/22-26/16

Bellwork 2/22-26/16

3 Truths and a Lie Vocabulary 

Review, Reteach, Reassessment – 8.8AB Reassessment – Galaxies and Stars

Homework: 8.8B Preassessment - The Sun



Bellwork 2/15-19/16

Review, Reteach, Reassessment – 8.8C Reassessment-EMS

***EMS Project Links***

Website: http://www.darvill.clara.net/emag/index.htm

Website: http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/toolbox/emspectrum1.html

EMS Diagram

Homework: No Homework


Light Years 2/8-12/16

Bellwork 2/8-12/16

Light Years Anchor Chart Notes 2016 video

Review, Reteach, Reassessment 8.8D Reassessment- Light Years

Electromagnetic Spectrum Video Notes          Answer Key


Website: http://www.darvill.clara.net/emag/index.htm

Website: http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/toolbox/emspectrum1.html

EMS Diagram

Homework: 8.8D Pre-Assessment Light Years


Moon Phases and Tides 2/1-5/16

Bellwork 2/1-5/16

Bill Nye Moon Phases Video – Station 4

Review. Reteach, Reassessment – Lunar Cycle and Tides

Light Years Anchor Chart Video – Light Years Explained

Homework: 8.7B Preassessment Lunar Cycle


Moon Phases and Tides 1/25-29/16 (Mock Testing)

No Bellwork

Homework: None 


Hurricanes 1/19-22/16

Bellwork 1/19-22/16

Weather Map Story Example

Hurricane Anchor Chart Notes – watch Hurricane 101 and complete the anchor chart notes

Hurricanes 101 video – watch first and complete the anchor chart notes

Hurricane Katrina Day 4 – watch second

***Hurricane Video Activity***(Watch the video and then answer the question in your ISN)

Bill Nye-Winds Video

  1. Wind is caused by what two things?

  2. In the “Great Big Wind Box of Science”, how did the air move over the poles (ice block)?

  3. What temperature was the land and how did the air move?

How a Hurricane is Born Video

  1. Some hurricanes start in the desert of which continent?

  2. The thunderstorms encounter the warm waters of which ocean?

  3. What characteristic of the ocean fuels the hurricane?

How to Read a Weather Map Video

  1. What is the edge of a moving air mass called?

  2. Which direction does air move around a low pressure system? High pressure?

  3. What type of weather do we see with the cold frontal systems?  Warm frontal system?

Homework: No StemScopes


Weather 1/11-15/16

Bellwork 1/11-15/16

Review, Reteach, Reassess – Sun’s Energy

Weather Video Notes



Sun’s Energy 1/5-8/16

Bellwork 1/5-8/16

Review, Reteach, Reassess – Sun’s Energy and Seasons

Video Notes

*** Candle Carousel Project***

Intro Video  – Watch first

In class example videos – video 1 video 2 video 3 – watch second

Example Lab write up – complete in your ISN

Homework: 8.7A Post Assessment Rotation and Revolution


Sun’s Energy and Seasons 12/7-11/15

Bellwork 12/7-11/15

Sun’s Energy and Seasons Notes Front and Back

Season’s Activity Questions to write in Journal with Answers

Review, Reteach, Reassess – Topographic Maps

Homework: 8.9C Progress Monitoring Erosional Features


Topographic Maps 11/29/15 -12/4/15

Bellwork 11/29/15 -12/4/15

Topography Video Notes

Review, Reteach, Reassess

Erosional Features Power Point- (use for Erosional Features worksheet)

Homework: 6.10CD Post Assessment Plate Tectonics


Plate Boundaries 11/16-20/15

Bellwork 11/16-20/15

Boundary Landform Examples

Homework: No Homework this week! Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for all of you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday break!!!


Plate Boundaries 11/9-13/15

Bellwork 11/9-13/15

Plate Boundary Video Notes

Homework: 8.9AB Post Assessment -Plate Tectonic Theory


Continental Drift and Plate Tectonic Theory 11/2-6/15

Bellwork 11/2-6/15

Continental Drift and Plate Tectonic Theory Video Notes

Homework: 8.9AB Pre-Assessment - Plate Tectonic Theory


Category 2 Review and Assessment 10/26-30/15 Beginning 2nd 9 Weeks

Bellwork 10/26-30/15

Homework: Study for CBA


Speed, Velocity and Acceleration 10/19-23/15

Bellwork 10/19-23/15

Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Video Notes

Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Calculation Practice Video Notes

Homework: None


Unbalanced Forces and Newton's Laws 10/12-16/15

Bellwork 10/12-16/15

Homework: 8.6C Laws of Force and Motion Pre-Assessment

Prezi - Newton's Laws


Unbalanced Forces and Newton's Laws 10/5-9/15

Bellwork 10/5-9/15

Unbalanced Forces and Newton

Station 6: Balloon Cars

Homework: 8.5E Chemical Reactions Post Assessment - StemScopes


Category 1 Unit Review and Assessment 9/28-10/2/15                 HOMECOMING WEEK

Bellwork 9/28-10/2/15




Chemical Equations and Reactions 9/21-25/15

Bellwork 9/21-25/15

Chemical Formulas, Equations, and Reactions Video Notes

HOMEWORK: 8.5B Post Assessment Protons and Electrons


Reactivity and the Periodic Table 9/14-18/15

Bellwork 9/14-18/15

Reactivity and Periodic Table Video Notes

HOMEWORK: 8.5A Post Assessment ATOMS


Protons, Electrons, and Periodic Table, Oh My! 9/7-11/15

BELLWORK 9/7-11/15

Meet the Elements Video

Reactivity and Periodic Table Video Notes


Subatomic Particles: 8/31-9/4/15

BELLWORK 8/31/15 - 9/4/15

Power of Ten Video

Subatomic Particles Video Notes

How to Create a Bohr Model


Lab/Safety Review: 8/25-28/15
Sort the 21 pieces of equipment into three categories: Lab Equipment, Emergency Safety Equipment and Preventative Safety Equipment. Once you have sorted the pieces, have your teacher check for accuracy, and tape/glue the pieces into your ISN. Then, follow the directions for each piece. 

1. Use this powerpoint to label and describe the 14 pieces of lab equipment. 
Label and write a description in your own words next to each piece of Emergency Safety Equipment (4).
Label and write a description in your own words next to each piece of Preventative Safety Equipment (3).


Videos - Click on the link to watch the video

1. How to use a Fire Extinguisher

2. Fire Blanket Demo


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