Important Dates/ Music

Grading Periods:

First Six Weeks:

 August 17 – September 29

Second Six Weeks:

 October 2 – November 3

Third Six Weeks:

 November 6 – December 20

Fourth Six Weeks:

 January 9 – February 16

Fifth Six Weeks:

 February 19 – April 13

Sixth Six Weeks:

 April 16 – May 25

 Spring Break: March 12 – March 16

** Students will receive two daily grades per week and one test grade every three weeks. Choir is a performance-based organization. Grades are based on class participation, daily grade, test grades, and concert performances attendance.

All “whole-choir” performances and dress rehearsals are mandatory. Each will be counted as a test grade. Concert attire is required for performances but not dress rehearsals.

There will be at least two graded choir performances; one performance in the fall semester and one choir performance in the spring semester.

Concert choir will participate in at least one “scored” venue at which time the choir will receive a score rating from judges. More will be discussed regarding this competition later in the school year.


Performance Dates:

Blinn College Music Festival –  April 6, 2018

WWJH All Choirs Concert –  April 26, 2018

WWJH Splashtown – May 19, 2018