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Patricia Wilson

Coach P.Wilson’s Physical Education Class

Woodrow Wilson Junior High

2021-2022 School Year   



To the Students and Parents:


Welcome to  Physical Education. I am looking forward to a fantastic year and with all of us working together we will be able to achieve it.  Parents, as you are aware, your support is an important role in ensuring a student’s success in school. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at WWJH:  936-258-2309 #7175 conference time: 10:04-10:58 am or you may contact me by e-mail:



  1. Be Safe: Use the equipment properly and only when instructed to do so.

  2. Do Right: Do not leave clothes or trash on the floor, stands, or in the locker rooms.

  3. Work Hard: No cell phones use unless instructed by a coach otherwise expect to be moving all the time. 

  4. Be Kind: Treat other students with respect and keep your hands to yourself.



  1. Be on time for class.  Be in the gym and/or your designated area BEFORE the tardy bell begins to ring.

  2. Be prepared.  Bring appropriate shoes for the gym (At this time you will not dress out until further notice).

  3. Ask permission to leave the designated area- Make sure a coach knows where you are going before you leave the area. 

  4. Wait to be dismissed.  The bell tells ME when to dismiss YOU!


Supplies needed for PE:

Plastic Folder with pockets and pen/pencil

Clear refillable water bottle or original container 

Proper Attire for PE-(Suspended at this time)

Purple, gray, white, or black shorts and a t-shirt 

Appropriate athletic shoes: running shoes, basketball shoes, and no boots or dress shoes


Patricia Wilson

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Contact Patricia Wilson

Classroom Number:
School Phone:
936-258-2309 #7175
Conference Time:
10:04-10:58 am