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Throughout the year you will be assigned homework in the form of projects.  I will give you plenty of time to complete the assignment and strongly encourage you NOT to wait until the last moment.  Waiting causes stress and creates an unpleasant experience for everyone.


*Mousetrap Car     Advanced Classes ONLY     

        Due date:       

The slideshow on the sidebar of my site shows a sample of projects created by my 2013-2014 Pre-AP students.  It is an excellent way to incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) into our curriculum for problem solving. Students are to locate easy access and inexpensive materials to build a car powered by the energy of one standard MOUSEtrap- NO RAT TRAPS they are too dangerous. Grades are based on the distance your car travels.  DO NOT BUY A KIT.

Useful mousetrap car picturesGoogle some images, you will see that you are only limited by your imagination.

Useful videos: This a 4 part series "Easiest Mousetrap Car tutorial"


4-H Makers Project Idea for building a Mouse Trap Car:


Biome Brochure



Brochures are used to communicate information about specific topics in a brief, reader-friendly format.  The use of color, diagrams, and pleasing layout of the information are used to catch and hold the reader’s attention.


Create a travel brochure that promotes visiting one of the Earth’s biomes.  Select one of the 6 land biomes or 2 aquatic biomes.

You must use accurate information about the biome and its conditions, but you may use humor and creativity to offer suggestions for overcoming the challenges of visiting the location.



*The Effects of ______ on a Body System Poster

        Due Date: 

Choose one drug and explain which body system(s) it affects and what those effects are.  Topic choices include but are not limited to tobacco use, OTC drugs, illegal drugs, abuse of steriods, etc.  Use a poster board no smaller than 1/2 of a standard sheet. Any color is acceptable.  Sources must be documented on the display.



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