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Class Room Rules

  • Be prompt and prepared, this  means bring all materials to class and be 
    seated when the bell rings.
  •  Respect yourself and others.  Remember, other students have different 
    opinions, beliefs, and views, so  please respect the rights  and 
    responsibilities of all. Also, keep your  hands, feet, and  objects to 
  • Only work pertaining  (connected) to this  class/subject  will be worked on 
    during class time. This  means no Math,  English,  etc. (unless you get 
  •  During independent study,  work quietly at your desk until work is 
    completed. Do NOT interrupt or be disruptive.
  • Raise your hand if you have a  question, comment, or if help is required. 
    Please ask for permission!!! You will  never  know until you ask.