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First Semester Second Semester
1st Six Weeks 4th Six Weeks
Safety & Lab Equipment (TEKS: 6.1A, B; 6.4A, B) Gravity & Motion in the Solar System (TEKS: 6.11B)S
Scientific Inquiry/Processes (TEKS: 6.2 A, B, C, D, E, 6.3 A, D) Objects in Space (TEKS: 6.11A)
Elements & Chemical Symbols (TEKS 6.5A) Space Exploration (TEKS: 6.11C)
Limited Elements that Comprise Earth (TEKS: 6.5B) Potential & Kinetic Energy (TEKS: 6.8A) S
Elements & Compounds (TEKS: 6.5C) S Thermal Energy Transfer (TEKS: 6.9 A,B)
Metals/Nonmetals/Metalloids (TEKS:6.6A) S Energy Transformation (TEKS: 6.9C) S
Evidence of Chemical Change (TEKS: 6.5D)  
2nd Six Weeks 5th Six Weeks
Calculate Density of Unknown Substances (TEKS: 6.6B) S Force & Motion
Physical Properties of Minerals (TEKS: 6.6C) *Balanced/Unbalanced Forces (TEKS: 6.8B)
Fossil Fuels & Alternative Energy (TEKS: 6.7A) *Calculate Speed (S=D/T) (TEKS: 6.8C) S
Advantages & Distadvantages of Natural Resources (TEKS 6.7B) *Graph Changes In Motion (TEKS: 6.8D) S
Design & Plan Energy Resource Management (TEKS 6.7B) Simple Machines (TEKS: 6.8E)
  Inclined Planes/Pulleys & Forces (TEKS: 6.8E)
3rd Six Weeks 6th Six Weeks
Classify Rocks By Formation (TEKS: 6.10B) Organisms & Cells (TEKS: 6.12 A)
Layers of the Earth (TEKS: 6.10A) Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic (TEKS: 6.12B)
Major Tectonic Plates (TEKS: 6.10C) Taxonomic Groups (TEKS: 6.12C)
Plate Tectonics & Major Geological Events (TEKS: 6.10D) Basic Characteristics of Organisms (TEKS: 6.12D) S
Worth The Wait 10 day program Biotic/Abiotic Parts of An Ecosystems (TEKS: 6.12E)
  Levels of Organization Within An Ecosystems (TEKS: 6.12F)