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Heather Craig

6th- 7th grade Math

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Educational History:

I grew up in a small town in Ohio and moved to Cleveland shortly after graduation.   I went back to college as an adult to complete my degree with Tiffin University in May 2011, with a degree in Professional Development.    I have worked in publishing, banking and still currently own a small transportation business.   

Current Position:

I teach 6th and 7th grade math, and focus on student’s in the special education department.  I have been very successful building great relationships with my students for the past 3 years and they have worked hard and shown progress each year.  It is my pleasure to be teaching your child again, or perhaps for the first time.  My door is always open for morning and afternoon tutorials or parent questions.  I can be reached by email, phone or in person.  

Previous Position:

I learned about cirriculum when I started working with World Almanac Eduacation in 2006.  I worked until they closed and was part of the team that created blackline masters for schools and libraries all over the country.  When the company was closed in 2009, I moved right into mortgage banking with US Bank Home Mortgage.  There I worked behind the scene to analyze escrow accounts, and loan files to answer any questions that came from the borrower or internally.  All questions had to be completed in writing either in email or by sending a letter to the borrower.  After the loss of my father I decided to move to Texas and start a new chapter in my life.   

At first I bounced around with jobs trying to find my direction.  I ended up getting a CDL and driving a truck for the next 5 years. I’ve been all over the US and Canada, even went a little into Mexico.  During that 5 years I went from learning to drive, to being a solo driver to leasing a truck then buying one and going into business for myself.  

In looking back on my life as a student in school to where I am today, I went from being a kid that stuggled with math to being an adult that had to immerse myself into that world.  The formulas and sequencing completely made sense to me when I the math I had to use was based in real world decision making. 

Family Information:

I am married with three children.  Two are in college and one will attend Kimmie Brown in Kindergarden this year. . 

Heather Craig

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