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Recently, I sent home a math workbook.  Students do not need to bring that back to school.  However, they can use it at home to help them understand the assignments that we went over on any given day.  If they want to turn in an extra assignment to help boost a grade, I can direct them to a page in the workbook to be turned in.  For the parents, it can be a useful tool to help you understand the content and what we are covering.  So if you have any questions on how to work with your child at home please contact me and we can go over the assignments in the workbook. 

The math department offers tutoring to every student Tuesday thru Friday morning from 6:45am to 7:00am and again in the afternoon’s on Monday thru Thursday from 2:35 to 3:00.  

The good news is that students can see any teacher during these times in the Math department.  So even if i’m not in my room and available, students can go to: 

                                             Mrs. Hicks  in room 106

                                             Mrs. Sanders  in room 110

                                             Mrs. Sexton in room 115

                                             Mrs. Smesny in room 108


I am available to help any student no matter what class they are assigned during these times as well. 



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