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UIL Art History

UIL Art History: Room 115 – Mrs. Sexton

Practice Dates: Monday and Thursday from 2:40 – 3:30

Competition Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018 

What time is my competition? Art is from 9:00-10:00am

What competitions conflict with Art? Mathematics, Poetry, Ready Writing, and Spelling

What time are awards? 4:30pm

When are teams and alternates finalized? Beginning of January

What is the difference between the team and the alternate?  How many are allowed on a team?

There are 5 students per grade level allowed on each team.  Five for 6th, five for 7th, and five for 8th.  There is 1 alternate allowed.  The alternate does NOT compete or attend on the competition day, unless they are competing in something else, or a student on the team is unable to make it due to illness or grades being below passing.

How can I study?  Download the Quizlet App, or go to and make yourself an account.  It is free.  Search for UIL Art Smart 2017-2018.  You can practice flash cards, writing, spelling, tests, matching, or gravity game.  Spelling does count on the actual competition day.

How does the competition go on the day of the competition?

Part A – You look at 15 prints and list the Artist as it is on the Official UIL List and the Title as it is on the Official UIL List. Each print is shown for 1 to 1 ½ minutes.  After this is complete then Part A answer sheets will be taken up.

Part B – You will be handed a test and answer sheet.  You will mark your answers on the answer sheet only.  You will have 30 minutes.   Part B asks questions about Art Elements or the paintings that are on the list and can include fill in the blank, multiple choice, or true false.

How am I scored?

Part A: Capitalization and punctuation are included in spelling.

2 points are deducted if the Artist’s name is incorrect.

1 point is deducted if the Artist’s name is misspelled. 

2 points are deducted if the Title’s name is incorrect.

1 point is deducted if the Title’s name is misspelled.

Part B: 2 points are deducted for each wrong or skipped question.

A total of 120 points is possible.

UIL Official List for 2017-2018: