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How to Access Assignments in Google Classroom

Here is a quick video to help you know where to click to access your assignments and how to submit your work.

Common Questions:
Q: I deleted a text box….what do I do?
A: Under File is a backwards arrow that is the Undo button.  Click it immediately when you notice you deleted a textbox and it will come back.
Q: I deleted a lot of my work, how do I get it back?
A: Go to File, Version History, See Version History and choose the version history you want to restore.  Up at the top by your name in Orange it says “Restore this version”  Click that if you want it restored.
Q: I cannot edit or type in the text boxes.  How do I?
A: This can happen because of two reasons.  The most simple one is that you are clicking on the border of the textbox and not INSIDE the textbox.  Make sure you are clicking inside to erase my text and type in your answer.
The second reason could be that you clicked the “turn in” button on your assignment screen in Google Classroom.  Once you turn in an assignment you cannot edit it.  However, you can click “unsubmit” which is what the “turn in” button changes to.  Once you click unsubmit you may make any edits you want.  Then you have to turn it in again.  If you turn it in the second time late, it will count it as late.
Q: I accidentally deleted the assignment document completely.  How do I get it back?
A: After you delete it initially it will say this: “A file Sara Sexton copied for you was removed: [Template] 9/14 (RL) Fraction/Decimal Models and then it will say Make a Copy”.  Click Make a Copy.  After that it does come back but you have to start over.  Your previous answers are gone.
Another option is to click “Add or Create” , Then click “Google Drive”, Then go to “My Drive”, “Classroom”, Find the name of your class, and the file should still be in your google drive.  Click it to Insert.
Q: I can’t read the worksheet.  The words are too small.
A: Often on chromebook or computer if you zoom in and out on the browser it doesn’t help on Google Slides.  Here is how to do it on Google Slides.  
When you open the document, look at the tool bar where it says File, Edit, and so on.
Underneath the word "Insert" is a picture of a magnifying glass. Don't click on it, but instead click on the drop down arrow. Change it from 50% to 100%. This should make the worksheet easier to read and work on. You will have to use the scroll bar to scroll down on the page. If you arrow down it will just go to the next slide.
If you do not have the magnifying glass icon, then go to “View”, “Zoom”, and choose 100%.