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Corrections & Tutorials


Corrections for Ms. Davidson’s Geography Class

I do believe in being able to redo work and learning from our mistakes. If you make a grade of 69 or lower (failing), I will allow you to correct your work to bring it back up to a 70. Look for the assignment you want to redo below and follow the instructions on how to make corrections. Corrections can be done at home or during tutorials.


Vocabulary Tests

Google Forms are designed to only allow you to do the activity one time. To make corrections for a failing grade you will need to write each word you missed and its definition two times. You can find the words on Google Classroom (the first day of each unit) or on Quizlet. Take a picture of your completed work and send it to



Assignments using Kahoot and EdPuzzle are set up to only allow you to attempt the activity one time. If you need to redo one of these assignments, you’ll have to reach out to Ms. Davidson for access.



I will begin setting up Quizizz to allow you to retry the assignment more than once. If your first attempt is 69 or under, you can automatically do it again. You must make a 70 or higher for me to raise your grade. 


Unit Tests

To correct a unit test, you’ll have to retake the test. 

1-2 weeks after the test, I will post a make-up test in Google Classroom.

You must make a 70 or higher for your grade to be raised to a 70.