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Woodrow Wilson Junior High Coach Shawna Ward



To the Students and Parents:

Hello!! Welcome to 8th grade Physical Education class. I am looking forward to a fantastic year and with all of us working together we will be able to achieve it. Parents, as you are aware, your support is an important role in assuring a student’s success in school.  My conference period is from 7:10am-8:04am. My classroom is the competition gym and office 503. My email address is:

Gym Rules:

  1. Be Safe: Use the equipment properly and only when instructed to do so.

  2. Do Right: Do not leave clothes or trash on the floor, stands, or in the locker rooms.

  3. Work Hard: No cell phones use, unless instructed by a coach otherwise expect to be moving all the time. The policy for cell phone, iPods, radio, games, or any other electronic devices is to be put away, turned off, and out of sight. If any of these items are out or heard. The item will be picked up. 

  4. Be kind: Treat other students with respect and keep your hands to yourself.

  5. Hair up in ponytail

  6. Have a positive attitude/behavior!! 

  7. Always try and do your best! 

Gym Procedures:

  1. Be on time for class. Be in the gym and/or your designated area before the tardy bell  begins to ring.

  2. Be prepared. Bring your PE clothes and appropriate shoes.

  3. Ask permission to leave the designated area- make sure a coach knows where you are going before you leave the area.

  4. Wait to be dismissed. The bell tells Me when to dismiss You!

Parent/Teacher Communication:

  1. Emails and phone calls

Grading Information/Guidelines:

  1. Minimum of 12 total grades by end of grading period- Summative 60%- Example: dressing out ( Suspended at this time), participation, written assignments. Summative 60%

  2. Minimum of 3 summative grades by end of grading periods. Summative 40% -Example: running times or projects.


**Follow all school rules – Standards for Student Conduct**



The following are specific interventions and consequences that apply when you do not meet expectations.  Although these consequences are meant as a guideline, I reserve the right to hand out a consequence that I feel is appropriate for a given offense depending on the situation.


1st Student Offense:  Warning 

2nd Student Offense:  Warning and Phone Call/Email Home

3rd Student Offense:  Parent meeting/write up



Students who have been absent shall complete make-up work, notes, and exams.  The time frame is found below:

  • 1 day absence = 3 days to make up assignments

  • 2 days absence = 3 days to make up assignments

  • 3 days absence = 4 days to make up assignments

  • 4 days absence = 5 days to make up assignments 



Very Important information and supplies needed for P.E.  


This is the proper attire ( Suspended at this time)  Any color t-shirt or shorts but purple, gray, white, or black shorts are preferred. 

The appropriate athletic shoes: running shoes, basketball shoes, converse... NO!! Boots, Dress shoes, sandals, or house shoes. 

Students may have water, in its original container or a clear bottle, in their backpacks. No other containers of any kind are allowed. Students may use water fountains to fill up water bottles.

Pen or Pencil 


       Coach Ward’s 8th Grade 

        Physical Education Class


Please read the above information and then sign below and return to your teacher during your class time.


Print Student Name:  _________________________________________________


Class Period: ____________


Parent(s)/Guardian(S) Signature: ________________________________________

We are aware of the supplies needed for my student and his/her behavior expected in the gym/classroom.


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) home/cell phone numbers: ___________________________________


Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) email address ______________________________________


E-mail:  Only if you are okay with receiving emails about your child.

Please share any information about your son/daughter that I should know about?




_____________________________________Student Print Name                 Date                                     Student Signature Name         Date 


___________________________________  Parent(s)Guardian(s)Print Name   Date                                      Parent(s)/Guardian(s)Signature Name      Date 



Shawna Ward

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