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Jerry Brown



Mr. Brown

TUTORIALS:   Wednesdays & Thursdays   2:40 to 3:10


AGENDA: For information about Daily Assignments, check your student's history folder.  They are also encouraged to write their working topics in their notebook each day.  

DAILY READING for Homework: Current focus is on the era:  Unit 3: Mexican National Era: The student is encouraged to read for 15-30 minutes each night about the topics indicated above. (suggested sources: class handouts, the useful links in this website for our class, newspapers, local library, web and/or textbook in class--see folder readings and Chapters 7-8 for general reading).

CURRENT EVENTS:   The student is also encouraged to read various news media (newspapers, web, etc.) each day for 5 to 10 minutes.  Suggested topics for current events would include government, geography, business, war and conflicts.  Place emphasis on having the learner discuss geographic and cultural features of Texas in current news.  

PARENT-CHILD Brainstorming Connections:  When possible for parents and their child, please consider spending a few moments to let the child share with you their ideas as to how some of their study topics might interact in the working world with not only Texas, but with other cultures in the world.  Also have your child share with you their ideas about how the many different cultural groups in our world can help each other, but also sometimes create very difficult problems (differences over government, business models and religions or faith practices)---the child can brainstorm with you about possible solutions or response plans. 

Jerry Brown

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