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Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy



When the bell rings, students must be in their classroom but they do not have to be in their seat when the bell rings.  If students arrive to school late, they will pick up a pass from the front office.   

Discipline for Tardies*
1st Tardy
Conference with Grade Level Assistant Principal

3rd Tardy
1 day of Lunch Detention 

6th Tardy
2 days of Lunch Detention 

9th Tardy
1 day of After School Detention (1 hour: Monday - Thursday)

12th Tardy
1 day of After School Detention (2 hours - Friday) 

15th Tardy
1 day of Saturday School (8am - 12pm)

18th Tardy
3 days of ISS 

21st Tardy
30 day assignment to DAEP
*Tardies will reset each 9 Weeks






Campus Administration

Matt Barnett


Mechelle Perkins
8th Grade Assistant Principal

Ron Wilson
7th Grade Assistant Principal

C.T. Ashley
6th Grade Assistant Principal


Cynthia Kelley
8th Grade Counselor

Vanessa Sanchez
7th Grade Counselor

Jennifer McCracken
6th Grade Counselor


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School Hours: 7:02 - 2:35

Phone: 936-258-2309
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