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Jenna Mcwhorter, RN


Room 604


Immunization Information:



According to the Department of State Health Services laws and Dayton ISD policy, all students must be up to date on immunizations in order to attend school. 

Your failure to comply with this request will cause us to take your child off the school rolls and turn the case over to the attendance officer.  This could result in charges filed against you for violation of the state public attendance laws.

Additional information regarding immunizations including exemptions from immunizations can be obtained through the Texas Department of Health website


Attention parents of Students entering 7th grade for the 2020-21 School Year:

Incoming 7th graders are required to have the following immunizations before they will be allowed to attend school:

  • Varicella Vaccine: all students entering 7th grade will be required to have 2 doses of varicella vaccine unless student has verification of previous chicken pox disease.
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Acellular Pertussis containing vaccine (Tdap): students entering 7th grade will be required to have a booster dose of Tdap if at least five (5) years have passed since their last dose of a tetanus-containing vaccine.
  • Meningococcal vaccine: all students entering 7th grade will be required to have one dose of meningococcal vaccine.
  • Hepatitis A: all students entering 7th grade will be required to have two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine.

vaccine flyer


Medication Forms

In order to download and fill out the medication forms please go under Jenna McWhorter on the faculty list. The Medication Forms will be available, once filled out the medication may be dropped off in the front office. NO medication is to be sent with students for safety reasons.



Jenna McWhorter, RN                                                                            

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Analicia Garza

WWJH Health Aide

936-258-2309 ext. 7604

936-257-4109 Fax

Jenna McWhorter

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