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Testing 2018-2019

The campus will be closed on all Mock and STAAR testing dates.

No campus visitors will be permitted, including lunch visitors.

Please do not schedule doctor/dentist appointments or check your student out early on these dates.

WWJH 2018-2019 Testing Calendar


April 9th  8th Grade STAAR Math
   8th Grade Mock Algebra
   7th Grade STAAR Writing
April 10th  8th Grade STAAR Reading
  7th Grade Mock Math
  6th Grade Mock Math
April 11th 8th Grade Mock Science
  7th Grade Mock Reading
  6th Grade Mock Reading
April 12th 8th Grade Mock Social Studies
May 8th 8th Grade Algebra EOC
May 13th 8th Grade STAAR Science
  7th Grade STAAR Math
  6th Grade STAAR Math
May 14th 8th Grade STAAR Social Studies
  7th Grade STAAR Reading
  6th Grade STAAR Reading
May 15th & May 16th 8th Grade STAAR Reading/Math Retest
  7th Grade STAAR Reading/Math Makeups
  6th Grade STAAR Reading/Math Makeups