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Educational Websites

Legends of Learning

Students will utilize Legends of Learning through assigned lessons by teachers in Math and Science.

Prodigy Math

The class code for 6th grade Innovative Math if your child wants to play this game is: 4D9034.  They will have to register for a free account and use this class code.

A Maths Dictionary

This is an excellent website to look up math terms and to see visuals and examples.

Khan Academy

This is an excellent resource for math in any grades from elementary to college.  This includes explanatory videos for students and parents.

Mr. Nussbaum Math for Kids

This website has interactive games and activities for students in all subjects.  This goes to the Math games.  My favorite is the Drag and Drop Math.  This allows students to practice Multiplication and Division in a friendly setting.  They can turn on a graph paper setting that allows them to properly line up place value when practicing to divide.  The student can do random problems or a teacher or parent can create the problems.

Area Model Multiplication

This is an excellent way for students to practice multiplication by area model.  Some students may call this a window or box method.  This allows the student to break up multiplication problems into place value pieces to allow for the multiplication to be easier.

Math Playground Grade 6

These are interactive engaging mathematical games.  This should direct your student to the ones that are appropriate for Grade 6; however, they may explore the lower grade levels as well.


ABCya has great education games for K-5th if you find your student needs to remember past skills.  It also has memory and logic games.

Virtual Math Manipulatives

This website is excellent for students to explore virtual math manipulatives, such as base ten blocks.  However, this website does require Java.

NCTM Math Manipulatives

This website also allows for students to virtually use math manipulatives.  There are other activities from this math organization as well to explore.

Factoring Game

This game requires you to choose the factors for the answer.

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