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DAEP Links

Atoms Family Math Challenge VIDEO

Bohr Model Practice VIDEO – you do not have to glue the pages, you have a full size sheet.

8.5AB Tutorial VIDEO

Periodic Table and Reactivity Vocabulary

Periodic Table NOTES VIDEO

Reactivity Cards Instructions Document

Meet The Elements VIDEO

Periodic Table Inventory VIDEO

Kessler Brain Dump VIDEO

Unit 1 8.5ABC Reteach

Unit 2 8.5DE Vocabulary

Unit 2 8.5DE Notes SLIDES  – use this slide to see the written version of the notes, if there was something that was missed in the video.

Unit 2 8.5DE Notes Part 1 VIDEO

Unit 2 8.5DE Parts of a Chemical Formula Practice

Unit 2 8.5DE Calculating Atoms, Elements, and Molecules

Unit 2 8.5DE Counting Atoms, Elements, and Molecules

Unit 2 8.5DE Notes Part 2 VIDEO – use the notes slides… video is not working

Unit 2 8.5DE Chemical Reaction Stations

Unit 2 8.5DE Chemical Reaction Videos Stations

Unit 2 8.5DE Chemistry in a Bag Lab   Pre Lab    Demo Video    Post Lab  <--- so you can complete the post lab questions!

Unit 2 8.5DE Performance Assessment

Unit 2 8.5DE Reteach Video

Unit 3 8.6ABC Vocabulary Video

Unit 3 8.6ABC Notes Slides

Unit 3 8.6A Notes Video Balanced and Unbalanced Answer Key

Unit 3 8.6B Notes Video Speed Velocity and Acceleration Answer Key

Unit 3 8.6C Notes Video 

Unit 3 8.6ABC Performance Assessement Slides “HOW TO”

Unit 3 8.6ABC Reteach

Unit 4 8.10ABC Vocabulary Video

Unit 4 8.10ABC Notes Slides

Unit 4 8.10ABC Sun’s Energy, Weather and Hurricanes

Unit 4 8.10ABC Notes Video Weather/Climate Key  Reading Weather Map Key  Creating Weather Map Key

Video Statons:


Unit 4 8.10ABC Reteach Video

Unit 5 8.9ABC Vocabulary Video

Unit 5 8.9ABC Notes Slides

Unit 5 8.9ABC Notes Video Part 1  Part 2

Major Tectonic Pates Key

Plate Tectonic Card Sort Key

Plate Tectonics Gallery Walk

Unit 5 8.9ABC Reteach

Unit 6 8.7ABC Notes Slides

Unit 6 8.7ABC Video   SETUP   PART 1    PART 2    PART 3

Unit 6 8.7ABC Lunar Cycle Stations     SET UP     StationsSLIDES

Moon Phases Escape Room 

Unit 6 8.7ABC Reteach Video

Unit 7 8.8ABC Notes Slides

Unit 7 8.8ABC Notes VIDEO     Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Electromagnetic Spectrum Project Poster Instructions

Unit 7 8.8ABC Reteach Video